Antojitos El Catracho

Cuisine of El Salvador and Honduras


Honduras’s Tropical soda has the real, unique, intense and original flavor of cane sugar, and we have two delicious offerings: Banana and Uva (grape).

Nicaragua’s Piñolis a sweet drink made of ground toasted corn and a bit of cacao.

Atole de Elote is a traditional hot corn- and masa-(corn hominy flour) based beverage with a hint of cinnamon.


Pupusas – These traditional Salvadoran and Honduran pockets are made with soft thick corn patties stuffed with a savory fillings, including cheese, beans and meat. They are accompanied by curtido (a spicy cabbage slaw), and tomato salsa.

Baledas – These Honduran pockets are made with thick flour tortillas, folded in half and filled with mashed fried red beans.

Maduros – Scrumptious, fried sweet plantains are served with beans and cream


Sopa de Mondongo – This delicious soup has a beautiful broth made with coconut milk and is full of beef tripe and root vegetables.

Carne Asada Hondureña – This typical Honduran flank steak is marinated with citrus and grilled to perfection on the BBQ. Served with rice, beans and green salad.

Mojarra – Whole, fried fish with firm texture and mild flavor (Tilapia) is served with patacones (plantains), beans, coconut rice and salad.

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