El Barzon - Southwest Detroit Restaurant Week

Cuisine of México and Italy


Mizto al Ajillo – Sautéed calamari and shrimp with garlic and guajillo white wine lemon served with croutons

Tacos – Seafood – Shrimp or Fish

Tacos – Meat – Goat or Spicy pork


Halibut a la Margarita – sautéed with tequila, Fresh orange juice, lime juice and triple sec. $21 (L), $28 (D)

Barbacoa del Chivo al Horno – Our famous goat barbacoa* marinated with special herbs oven baked. *Barbacoa – original barbeque –

Popian – Chicken breast with green mole sauce made of pumpkin seeds, jalapeno peppers, and tomatillo

3710 Junction Ave.
Detroit, MI 48210