Cuisine of Dominican Republic


Empanadas  –  Folded over fried dough filled with your choice of chicken, ground beef, cheese, or egg. $2.50 (add cheese for $0.25)

Arepitas de Yuca –  Crispy cassava fritters infused with the amazing taste of aromatic aniseed.

Alcapurrias – Fritters made of green plantains and taro root and stuffed with meat


Mofongo – Refried mashed plantains with garlic. Filled with your choice of filling. Shrimp $13.99  Pork Chop $10.99 Fried Chicken $9.99 Chicken Wings $9.99 or the meat of the day.

Yaroas – This dish, akin to poutine, is made of a bed of plantain strips or French fries, with your choice of chicken, ground beef, or both covered in blanket of melted cheese, lots of cheese. Small $5.99 Big $7.50

Tostones — Refried green plantains cut into slic

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