Rey de las Arepas

Cuisine of Colombia and Venezuela


Jugo de Maracuyá (Passion fruit juice). $2.00

Papelón con Limón – an unrefined sugar cane, limes, and water. $2.00


(v) Tequeños – fried breaded cheese stick or a spear of bread dough with queso
blanco (creamy, soft, and mild unaged white cheese) in the middle. 6 for $4.50

(v) Tajadas with cheese – sweet plantain slices. 6 for $4.99

Tostones with shredded beef – double-fried green plantain slices. 6 for $5.99


(v) Cachapas – Spanish word for "crumpets" and are pancake-like and made from
corn and filled with cheese. $5.99 with choice of meat for an additional $1 each

Bandeja (tray) Paisa (Paisa is the nickname of the people who hail from the northwest region of Colombia) – includes red beans, rice, ground beef, chorizo with lime, plantain, arepa, avocado, fried egg on top and a slice of chicharron (fried pork belly). $13.75

Arepas – handmade arepas (made of ground, maize dough). Starting at $5.50 with
a large variety of choices to add as fillings.

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