La Palapa
Cuisine of Jalisco, Mexico

$10 Specials

Entrée (choose one)

Tortas Hoagadas (drowning sandwich) ciabatta bread filled with Carnitas*, beans,
and pickled onion; covered with salsa.

3 tacos de Suadero (beef brisket), served with rice and beans

Carnitas* with rice and beans
*Carnitas – literally meaning “little meats,” is a dish of Mexican cuisine originating from
the state of Michoacán; made by braising or simmering pork in oil until tender.

Drink (choose one)

soft drink

Horchata (rice, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon)

Dessert (also included)

Jericalla – a cross between the custard-like texture similar to flan and a burned top
like creme brulee with heavy cinnamon notes

Cash only – thank you.

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