Los Corrales

Cuisine of México


Horchata – A cool sweet creamy rice drink made with vanilla and cinnamon.  $1.50

Tamarindo – a cool drink made from the tamarind fruit with water or with rice water.  $1.50

Sidral – An apple flavored soda from Mexico.   $2.00


Nopales con Camarón – Tender diced cactus with shrimp stewed in a special sauce. Served with rice and beans. $11.50

Birria de Chivo – A deliciously spicy traditional goat stew served in a bowl with a side of rice, beans, and tortillas   Small $8.00 Large $10.00

Pollo Al Carbon – Grilled Chicken spicy and slightly charred, served with rice and beans. $7.00]


Flan – Mexican style Spanish custard pudding     $3.00

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