Pollo Chapin

Cuisine of Guatemala


Note: A rich homemade chicken broth with broad noodles and carrots accompanies every meal!

Pollo Chapin – A special Guatemalan marinade makes this chicken and rice dish spectacular! Two chicken pieces, two salads, and a roll for only $7.49

Tamal Chapin – This version of a tamale has the soft corn masa (dough) spread onto a banana leaf with the chicken placed in the middle and then the dough and the leaf are wrapped around the chicken then this packet is steamed until cooked. To eat just un-wrap. Served with cabbage salad and a roll. $6.25


Choco flan – This Mexican creation is a dense, rich chocolate cak stacked on top of a creamy vanilla flan, dripping with a delicate layer of cajeta style caramel sauce!

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