Señor Lopez

Cuisine of Hidalgo, México


Horchata: A sweet milky drink made with rice and water with a touch of cinnamon. $2.50


Queso Flameado: Sauteed chorizo sausage with melted cheese, served with tortillas.  $6.00

Guacamole: Avocado mixed with onions and garlic, served with corn tortilla chips   $4.50

Quesadilla Fingers:  Wedges of crispy flour tortillas stuffed with melted cheese with your choice of extra fillings: topped with sour cream, avocado slices, olives, and cilantro sprinkles   $6.50 w/meat $9.00


Cochinita Pibil: A deliciously unique pork dish slow roasted to perfection, pulled and shredded. Served with rice, beans, and tortillas.    $8.50

Chile En Nogada: Stuffed poblano pepper covered in a creamy walnut sauce. Served with rice, beans, and tortillas. $13.00

Portobello Mushroom Fajitas:  Portobello Mushroom Fajitas served with rice, beans, and tortillas.


Flan: Mexican style Spanish custard with caramel glaze.    $3.00

Tres Leches Cake: Super moist decadent cake made with three different types of dairy. $4.00

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