Taqueria El Caporal

Cuisine of Jalisco, México

Featured Dish

Dish 1: Dinner de Birria

Cooked beef with a Mexican spice sauce, roasted tomato, accompanied by rice and beans.

Carne de res cosida con una salsa de especies Mexicanas, jitomate asado, acompañado de arroz y frijoles

Dish 2: Mole Poblano

Pieces of cooked chicken with crackers, sesame, different fried chiles, spices and house sauce, accompanied by tortillas, rice and beans.

Piezas de pollo cocido, con galletas fritas, ajonjolí, diferente chiles fritos, especies y salsa de la casa, acompañados de tortillas, arroz y frijoles.


Allergens: Peanuts, Sesame Seeds | Parking: Parking Lot