Southwest Detroit Hosts Inaugural Restaurant Week

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Southwest Detroit is home to a large population of residents who have arrived from countries throughout Latin America. Historically, residents have settled in Southwest Detroit from Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba but today a growing number of immigrants are coming from Central and South America. Spanish is spoken freely, music blares from all corners, and the food is prepared using traditional recipes from diverse families, neighborhoods, regions, and countries.

There are common elements among the cuisine, and the varieties are a joy to discover. In fact, the meals prepared each day in the local restaurants represent the countries of the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico (several distinct regions), Puerto Rico, and Venezuela.

Conversations about highlighting the diversity of foods in Southwest Detroit have been simmering for a couple of years, at least, and will come to fruition in the first annual SW Detroit Restaurant Week as an observance of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

The event will be a showcase for delicious food, origins, cultures, languages, and stories that complete the nourishment and will take place Friday, October 5 – Sunday, October 14, 2018.

It is the vision of SW Detroit Restaurant Week to host an event that is easily enjoyed so that each meal served from any of its member restaurants triggers an awakened palate, laughter, and layers of cultural learning. The popular model of “restaurant week” used throughout the nation, creates a bridge to otherwise “out-of-reach” restaurant experiences (typically pulling together a limited menu of options at a reduced rate).

For SW Detroit Restaurant Week, since the price point of the meals is already quite affordable, the goal is to present a menu of options at each restaurant that will make it easy to try new foods and enjoy a meal prepared as a full, cultural experience. Additionally, dining participants will come to understand that, while much of Southwest Detroit is identified as Mexicantown, there is a vast variety of other countries represented in all the foods of this dynamic area of the city.

The mission of SW Detroit Restaurant Week is to organize an annual event with pride and laughter so that inclusiveness comes with ease and the resulting participation exudes collaboration of culture, language, and food.

For more information, contact Monica Casarez at 313-410-1981 or email at

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See anything usable on this Facebook page for the event: Southwest Detroit Restaurant Week Facebook Page

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  1. Looks quite interesting. Two questions: are the participating restaurants part of this at lunch time and are there fixed menus and prices? And one more question: how much are the lunches…no info on website? Thanks

    1. Hi, Henry!

      Thanks so much for your interest! Each restaurant will be pricing their dishes according to their restaurant price points. We are not enforcing fixed menu prices. This is a dish they will be serving for the limited time of Southwest Detroit Restaurant Week in addition to their regular menu. Finally, most of the dishes will be available all day!

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